Long-Term Care

Care for Seniors

Sometimes there is a need to seek long-term care. It might be due to complex medical conditions or the need for an extended respite after rehab due to weight bearing constraints.

Foss has been caring for seniors, in North Seattle, since 1929. We understand that dignity means promoting wellness of the body, mind and spirit when a person needs 24-hour care.

Residents benefit from:

  • Physician and nursing services with geriatric expertise
  • Wound care, IV Therapy & Pain Management
  • Private and semi-Private Rooms
  • Physicians and nurses with geriatric expertise
  • High staff-to-resident ratios
Long Term Care

Special Services

Respite Care after Rehab
After rehab benefits have been utilized, there may still be a need for more rest, care and assistance with recovery.  All to often, weight bearing restrictions can prohibit someone from going home safely.  Another 2 to 3 weeks can make all the difference.

End-of-Life Comfort/Hospice Care
When hospice care is the choice, Foss can provide a place for the resident and their family to spend quiet, meaningful time together.  In addition to the hospice services the resident receives (from the hospice of their choice), the Foss staff is available 24 hours a day to offer loving and compassionate care when it is needed most.