Chair – Jeff West

Jeff has served on the Foss Board since 2017 and has volunteered at numerous fundraising events and the Foss Farmers Market. Jeff began his healthcare career at Foss and is now a retired RN.

Vice Chair – Judy Wildes

Judy has served on Foss Boards for a number of years, and is now a member of the Foss Board Executive Committee. Judy has volunteered at fundraising events and at the Foss Farmers Market. Judy is currently working as a financial advisor.

Treasurer – Kris Chick

Kris has been an active volunteer at Foss since 2003, serving on several boards and committees, at fundraising events and at the Foss Farmers Market as well as in the Beauty Shop. Kris is a retired Program Manager with a background in education and tech.

Secretary – Bev Roach

Bev has served on various Foss Boards for the past 18 years. Bev has volunteered in numerous capacities: in the Foss Gift Shop, for fundraising events and at the Foss Farmers Market. Bev has retired after 48 years in the banking field.

Member – Julie Yari

Julie is a past Board Chair and has been volunteering with Foss since 2009 by serving on different boards and committees. She has given of her time for fundraising events and at the Foss Farmers Market. Julie is the Sr. People Support Services Director (HR) for Town & Country Markets.

Ex-Officio President– Kevin McFeely, CEO

Kevin is the President and CEO of Foss Home and Village. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wayne State University and Master’s degree in Health Services from George Washington University.

He is passionate about serving seniors an has been actively involved with LeadingAge, LeadingAge Washington, Lutheran Services in America and other civic minded organizations in various roles. He currently serves as the Chair of the Life Plan Community Cabinet for LeadingAge Washington, working to advocate effectively on behalf of seniors. Kevin and his wife Cindy enjoy traveling the world and cheering for their four children on volleyball courts, basketball courts, baseball fields any beyond.