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  Growing Gracefully Winter 2018

  Growing up with Foss


Growing Gracefully Fall 2017

Foss Farmers Market


Growing Gracefully Spring 2017

Yolanda Goes Home


Growing Gracefully Winter 2017

Earline’s Story


Foss Fall 2016

Thank you Maxine and Dawnell

maxine-dorman                dawnell


Foss Summer 2016

The Unique Foss Dental Clinic

Gavin McNelis and Dr. Allison Jacobs 2


 Spring 2016 Newsletter

A day in the life at Foss Assisted Living Village

Village Courtyard


Fall 2015 Newsletter

Meet the Jefferson Family and how their journey brought them to Foss.

Keith Jefferson


Summer 2015 Newsletter

Read about the Helsel family, and the two generations that were served by Foss.

Helsel 1


Fall 2014 Newsletter

Music has this unique way of reaching into our hearts and minds. Foss is a MUSIC & MEMORY (SM) Certified Care Facility.