Distinctive Programs

On-Site Dental Clinic

Gavin McNelis and Dr. Allison Jacobs 2

The Foss dental program began as a clinical training site for University of Washington dental students who were interested in geriatric dentistry.  Foss had a small dental clinic, back in the 1980s, and was able to serve a limited number of in-house residents.  In February, 1991, Foss received a $39,000 grant from Washington Dental Service Foundation, for upgraded equipment and expansion.  With the 1991 expansion and modernization, the square footage of the clinic space was expanded from 255 square feet to 612 square feet.  In addition, all the supportive systems and equipment were either added or updated.

Today, the Foss clinic has:

  • A full-time Foss employed dentist – affiliated with the University of Washington
  • A full-time Foss employed dental assistant – affiliated with the University of Washington
  • Three dental chairs – 2 with wheelchair lifts
  • Full service X-ray capability
  • Accepts dental insurance and Medicaid
  • Does not deny service based on the inability to pay
  • Has the ability to provide all dental services:
    • Cleaning
    • Fillings
    • Extractions
    • Root Canals
    • Dentures

Our dental clinic can serve any Foss resident that may not otherwise have access to dental care.


On-Site Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacy is available for consultation and provides comprehensive medication services for our residents.



In addition, other available services include podiatry, audiology and optometry.




Pet therapy

distinctive-programs-2Our pet volunteers visit with residents which can benefit in a number of ways; lower blood pressure, diminishes overall physical pain, improves cardiovascular health and others.

Total pet volunteers – 5