Story of a Holocaust Rescuer

Join us for a riveting story and hear how
“One Person Can Make a Difference!”

Jeannie tells her mother’s story.

Although filled with the horrors and hate that the Holocaust holds, it also brings the message that faith, love, and hope can triumph over evil. It proclaims the conviction that one by one we can say no to hatred, persecution, and prejudice. 

The story speaks of the power of love and encourages the fact that
“One person can make a difference!”
Love is the greatest weapon we have, Hate is easy, it takes real courage to Love.


Jeannie is a part of a new generation of Holocaust Speakers who share life stories from their parent’s first-hand experiences. 
Jeannie is an international speaker for the Jewish Federation of North America, a member and speaker for the Oregon & Washington Holocaust Speakers Bureau, and speaks to various groups across the United States, Canada and the UK. 

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Saturday, August 26th from 10am-3pm

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