Foss’ Legacy—Compassionate Caring

Ashworth House

This year is a big milestone in the history of Foss Home and Village. It is our 90th year of providing compassionate care and services for older adults in the Puget Sound Area. This is an amazing accomplishment that has enabled Foss to serve generations of families since 1929.   

Foss was built upon the compassionate spirit of Dr. Ludvig Colbjornsen Foss and the creation of Lutheran Welfare. It was during the Great Depression that Dr. Foss recognized the need to form a group to engage in general welfare work and assist the needy with food, clothing, fuel and money.

One of the needs identified by Dr. Foss in his work, was care for the elderly.  On July 27, 1929, Lutheran Welfare incorporated for the purpose of purchasing a home on Ashworth Avenue, the first Foss location.  

Knute P. Norswing, an old friend of Dr. Foss, offered the initial down payment of $4000 on the condition that the home be named L. C. Foss Sunset Home, in honor of Dr. Foss.  

Foss began because a group came together, as a family to serve those in need.  Today, Foss still thrives because of its family of staff, volunteers, donors and community partners.  Born out of inspirational leadership and generosity, Foss continues to uphold the values of Dr. L.C. Foss though its mission of transforming lives with dignity and grace.   We feel Dr. Foss would be proud of his legacy, Foss Home and Village.